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This opener is on the expensive side and usually accommodates very low headroom garage.


Chain drive opener is fairly quiet and provide heavy duty performance.

Screw drive opener are more likely with Genie, they are strong but not so sophisticated.


If you are looking for a quiet and durable opener, a belt drive is the one to go with.


Can't beat the convenience of using an automatic opener to open and close a garage door. Whether you are using a wall button, a remote control, the outside keypad or now days a phone app, it is always easy to get access to your home. When the opener on a garage door fails from working, it puts our schedule and daily routine behind. We at Farmington Hills MI Garage Door Repair repair openers with genuine and original parts only. That ensures the compatibility of the product we sell and install, to the automatic operator. If a customer is getting a new opener, we offer a lifetime warranty and the best products on the market, so the convenience is never compromised.

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